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Seminar Series


Zoom Video Conferencing

You and your loved one are invited to our Virtual Seminars! Learn how to communicate effectively while wearing a mask, manage and treat bothersome tinnitus, and discover what’s new in hearing device technology. Seminars typically last 45-minutes.

Communication Strategies, Masks and a Pandemic

This presentation will discuss general communication strategies for those with or without hearing loss. We will discuss tips and tricks to wearing masks and tactics to help you hear your best.

Tinnitus Treatment and Management Strategies

Tinnitus is a common health condition that can negatively affect a person’s life. Join this session to learn more about tools and management strategies to help reduce the perceived burden of tinnitus.

What’s New in Technology

Join us for overview of new hearing device technology and tinnitus treatment options available in 2021!

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Check the NUCASLL Facebook page for updates on the virtual seminars.