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Aural Rehabilitation

Individual Auditory Training Services

Do you have hearing loss and use a hearing aid or cochlear implant? Have you recently experienced a change in auditory function or an increase in auditory demands? If you’ve recently received a cochlear implant, experienced sudden deafness, switched to a dramatically different hearing aid, or are beginning a new job or training program, you may benefit from auditory training.  Individual auditory training sessions focus on improving hearing skills through structured active listening exercises with your hearing devices to train the brain to interpret sounds and better understand spoken language.

Group Communication and Hearing in Enhancement Class

Do you wish your spouse, family, or friends understood your hearing needs better? Do you wish you could take a more active role in conversations, especially in noisy environments?  Do you wish you could hear better with your hearing devices? If you or someone you know is experiencing communication challenges due to changes in hearing, you may benefit from our group communication and hearing enhancement course. This 6-week course aims to create a supportive environment where participants can openly share their experiences, collaborate to find solutions, and learn and exchange effective communication strategies and behaviors. We highly recommend participating with a communication partner to maximize the benefits of this course.

A growing body of research shows that participation in aural rehabilitation classes results in improved quality of life, relaxation, and emotional well-being.

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