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Virtual Sound Room (ViSoR)

NUCASLL is home to the only Virtual Sound Room in the country. Upon entry to our ViSoR room our clients are transported within seconds to the acoustic environment of their choosing. They may join a wedding reception, enter a noisy train station, sit down in a kindergarten classroom, or attend a concert.  ViSoR allows our clinicians help enhance communication in sound environments that are unique to the lives of our clients.

The room is used to simulate real sound environments to assist with variety of services we provide including:

  • Fine tune hearing aids and assistive listening devices to meet the needs of patients in very specific environments.
  • Assisting patients with strategies for listening and communication in real environments.
  • Practice speech-language skills in simulated environments such as classrooms

This state-of-the-art room opened at the Center for Audiology, Speech, Language, and Learning in January 2015. It contains 16 microphones, 33 speakers, and 4 subwoofers, using studio simulations to mimic real-world scenarios. SA&I partners with the Center for the course Multichannel Sound Environments, bridging the gap between art and science.

See the sound room in action: