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Hearing Aid Services

Communication Needs Assessment

Together we will identify the effects of your hearing abilities on daily activities and interactions and then explore how you communicate today and how you wish to communicate tomorrow. Our audiologist will work with you to create a personalized solution that will bridge communication gaps and reconnect you to your world of sounds.

Hearing Aid Fitting and Orientation

We will customize the settings and features of your hearing devices so that you are able to hear soft and conversational speech to optimize clarity. We will work together to ensure the devices are comfortable and meet your personal preferences for natural sound quality and overall communication needs. We will make ensure that you are able to maintain use and care of your devices and troubleshoot minor problems.

Hearing Aid Check

See your audiologist every 6 months

Over time hearing devices collect debris, moisture and oils which can cause the devices to function poorly. Visit your audiologist every six months for routine hearing device maintenance and to verify the internal electrical components are working properly.

How will the audiologist check my hearing aid?

  1. Visual Inspection of your hearing devices to identify cracks, blockages, debris, moisture build up and malfunctioning parts.
  2. Listening check to evaluate quality, intermittency, and  appropriate  levels of sound
  3. Electroacoustic analysis is an objective test to evaluate whether the internal components of the device are working properly and providing appropriate amount of amplification.  It also evaluates if the features for hearing better in noise are  functioning properly.
  4. Review of hearing device benefit, care and maintenance to ensure the best possible performance of your devices so that you can stay connected to your world!