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Hearing Evaluations

The first step in understanding changes in your hearing, or to determine if you have hearing loss associated with noise exposure, aging, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chemotherapy, or smoking, is to have a complete hearing evaluation. Hearing evaluations at Northwestern University are extremely thorough and will determine the degree and type of hearing loss and assess treatment options. Please call us at 847-491-3165 to make an appointment.

Roadmap to Better Hearing

How do you know you’re getting the solution that’s perfect for you?
Northwestern University’s 4-step process ensures you will receive the solution that will best meet your needs. Our unique non-profit approach sets us apart from others because to us it’s not about dispensing produts, it’s about reconnecting you to your world.

We will diagnose your hearing health and explain the results of our comprehensive tests. Together we will identify the effects of your hearing abilities on daily activities and interactions.

We will learn about your lifestyle and how you connect with your world. We want to understand how you communicate today and how you wish to communicate tomorrow. Your audiologist will recommend a solution that will bridge the communication gaps and reconnect you to your world of sounds.

If a hearing device is the solution for you, our audiologist will fit you with the device and customize it to your personal needs using the latest verification protocols. Your audiologist will set you up for success by orienting you to the device and creating an adaption plan for you to get accustom to amplification.

We understand that hearing devices are often times only part of the solution to improving communication needs. Our Communication and Hearing Enhancement course and our ongoing support will ensure your needs are consistently met.