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Evanston Clinicians


Catherine Fabian

Catherine Fabian’s primary clinical interests lie in the functional neurology of individuals’ peripheral and central auditory systems and in assessing and treating the impact of injury, illness, and noise exposure on hearing and auditory processing.

AuD, Northwestern University
BA, Linguistics (Language and the Brain), University of California, San Diego

Elizabeth Meyer

Elizabeth Meyer’s clinical interests are in diagnosing and treating adults with hearing impairment. She enjoys working with patients and helping them meet their communication goals.  Dr. Meyer is active in community outreach and patient advocacy.

AuD, Northern Illinois University
BA, The University of Minnesota

Katherine Swem

Katherine Swem has practiced as a clinical audiologist most recently in Eugene, OR and previously in Atlanta, GA. Katherine’s specialty areas include pediatric diagnostic audiology and amplification, as well as an interest in vestibular disorders and treatment in adults. Katherine has worked with school districts for audiological and technology support for students with hearing loss.

Tracy Hagan Winn

Tracy Winn has a wealth of experience in diagnostic audiology, hearing aid fitting and pediatric audiology. She takes special interest in listening to each patient to make a careful diagnosis and provide personalized treatment.

AuD, A.T. Still University of Health Sciences
MA, Audiology and Speech Sciences, Michigan State University
BA, Telecommunications, Michigan State University